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Marinade XII

Limited edition artist's publication in an edition of seven cloth-bound portfolios, containing original letterpress prints and hand-produced photographic prints.

The texts, written by Iain Sinclair, were derived from looking at newspapers, magazines and books in a room with a sea-facing balcony. The condition of being at sea, a displaced rush of images and sounds, is vital to the twelve texts and twelve snapshots from the balcony.

The writing combines thoughts on the photos, on looking out to sea, and are dense and complex with layered influences. Yesterday’s Money starts with a newspaper image of Eliza Kazan and Arthur Miller. Eden Rock Stars refers to luxury hotel Eden Roc, harking back to the days of Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald. Much of what is going on is film based (as if a TV was playing in another room, snippets of dialogue, film memory as dream memory), and a marriage of text and image.

Letterpress printed at Circle Press. Funded by the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. The editions were sold to international private and public collections: The British Library Modern Collections, Iain Sinclair's archive at Texas University, USA, Goldmark Art, and to private collectors. The work has been exhibited at St Bride Printing Library and presented at Great British Design, their international conference, in June 2007. Featured in Design Week November 2006.