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Lost to View

A film installation created by myself, Katharina Koall and Martin McGrath as a form of visual navigation through Iain Sinclair's book London: City of Disappearances.

Different people from the contemporary art, film and literary worlds were asked to contribute their stories which were amassed and edited by Iain Sinclair into thematic zones. The book travels through time and location, through disappearances, memories and photographs.

Using words and images that provide a secret reading of London, and bringing together different media including illustration, photography, letterpress, drawing and animation in a digital presentation, we have illustrated selected references to people, places, buildings, objects, memories, quotes and actions.

This first showing of Lost to View at Late at Tate Britain and the Museum of London in November 2006 celebrated the publication of London:
City of Disappearances

To view the complete film, please click here.
(Running time 16.10 min, 13.7MB)