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The School of Life

Identity, visual systems, print, packaging, interior design and website art direction for the new 'ideas shop' in Bloomsbury, London.

The School offers courses, holidays, events, psychotherapy, a bookshop and more, and needed a clear umbrella brand to hold it all together. The logotype and list of services are laid out in a strict colour palette, reflecting the shop's interior, with each service offered in its own letterpress-printed type style. Invites and clipboards were foil-blocked onto thick board and vinyl was applied to the shop walls.

Printed items such as gift wrap, business cards and letterheads are covered in an illustrative tessellating wallpaper showing figures from across history and across the world learning various activities, reflecting the School's concept of using ideas from every source and applying them to people's lives today.

The website and shop interior were also art directed to closely match the visual identity and assist navigation through what could be a very hard to understand experience.

Featured in Time Out September 2008 and Grafik October 2008.